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Building A Blue Print - Part 4

Building the training schedule is the next step within the design phase of ADDIE. You have done a lot of work to get to this point in the process. You are now ready to develop a training schedule that will be included in your blue print.

The training schedule is critical in managing and developing a course. Based on the training schedule you can determine priorities of development or identify critical points within the development timelines that require certain actions. Consider the following items when developing your training schedule.

Length of time: When creating the training schedule it is important that you determine the length of time required to present the course. Is this a 1 day course? How much time do you have to present the course? Answers to such questions should be considered as you consult with your client. Knowing how much time you have will drive the amount of content that you can incorporate into your course.

Also, when building the training schedule, your initial estimate of time may change when you present the course. Consider the following example when building the training schedule.

Training Schedule Example

Breaks and lunches: Critical parts of any course include breaks and lunches. These items are almost as important as the content of the course. Everyone needs time out when information presented. This time out, or breaks and lunches, allow your mind to refresh in order to continue the learning process. Therefore, it is important to include these items when building the training schedule.

How often you design breaks within your course is entirely up to you. However, for most adults, if a block of instruction lacks activity-based learning, then more breaks should be included in the course (every 1 to 1 1/2 hours). For blocks of instruction that is more activity-base learning, then less breaks are necessary (every 2 to 2 1/2 hours.)

In this lesson you learned that a few techniques to help you build a training schedule for your course. The training schedule should be tailored to your needs and provide the necessary items to assist you in completing the various phases of ADDIE. For example, some organizations may prefer to include the trainers, locations, or other logistical considerations for the training. Remember, a training schedule is a tool to assist you to develop, implement, and evaluate your course.

Conclusion: In this study hall, you learned the concepts and the components of a blue print for developing a course. The principles presented in this course will help you be more successful as you create powerful courses that achieve the objectives that you and your client establish for training. Applying these principles will also help you to manager your training project successfully. Best of luck on designing your next course!



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